42 Best Airbnbs in Santorini

We don't always stay at Airbnbs when we travel. I actually keep a hotel bucket list that I'm constantly adding to. However, there are some destinations where an Airbnb is just the best way to go. Maybe the hotel options are limited or overpriced. Maybe Airbnb has more options in better neighborhoods. Other times, Airbnbs just offer more exciting experiences. All of these things were true when we were planning our trip to Greece. We found that the best affordable Airbnbs in Santorini had luxurious extras - like concierges and private pools with Caldera views - and many were in amazing locations.Here is my list of the 42 best affordable Airbnbs in Santorini, including the breathtaking place where we stayed in Oia. Many of the Airbnbs on the list are less than $200. If you're convinced by the time you've made it through the list, here's a link that will give you $40 off promo code for your first Airbnb stay.

best Airbnb santorini

Review of the Airbnb We Booked in Oia, Santorini // Rhenia's StudioThis Airbnb was in an amazing location to watch the sun rise and set over the caldera from the terrace. Someone helped us with our luggage down the steep steps and there was a closed gate at the top of the steps to keep other tourists from marching in front of your windows at all hours. A private pool IN THE ROOM? Yes. A concierge to help you book sailing trips and a mini fridge stocked with breakfast essentials and Greek wine. Heaven. This place was magical. We woke up early to watch the sunrise and came home before dinner to catch the famous sunset from our private terrace, away from the crowds. It's $360 a night currently which is an affordable Airbnb in Oia. Airbnb says that average room rates with pools in Santorini are $400+ a night. You will absolutely have a wonderful time here and I can't recommend it enough.The caldera views from our Airbnb's terrace.Above, the private pool entrance in our room. Great for cooling off after a hot day sightseeing in the summer.